The smartest species on Earth.
We’d rather destroy, than build.
We’d rather see our own kind dead, than be in harmony with one-another.
We’d rather blow each other up over a mineral than be grateful for what we have.

We’ve caused so much destruction, so much pain, so much death.
And the sick thing is, we’re proud.
We’re proud of the damage we’ve done.
We’re proud of the pain we’ve caused.
We’re proud of killing our own kind.
The species that needs to change.


I don’t exactly know how to start off a blog, but I imagine it’s kind of like starting off a book; a book everyone and anyone can have a say in.
I imagine it as the kind of book where people not only have, but want to take time out of their day to read it, to enjoy it, to criticize it. I imagine it as a page-turner, a New York Time’s bestseller, stocking up on store shelves only to be sold out in less than seven minutes upon its arrival. I imagine it as the kind of book that makes people think, a book that changes peoples lives, a book that the people are raving for, a book that numerous book clubs are talking about, a book that EVERYONE is talking about.
But alas, all I can do is imagine…

This is my blog.